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Household Storage and Warehousing Services in India

Storage and warehousing services can be very useful at time especially when you are moving out of town and will return only after six months or over a period of one year or so. In such scenario, you can avail storage and warehousing services to store all types of household goods and articles. You can also avail storage services when you are renovating your home and wish to store your goods temporarily for a period of few months.

Storage and warehousing facilities are offered by some of the most established packers and movers companies in India. They have well managed and highly secured storage facilities across all of the major cities in India like Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities.

Storage space can be rented for any length of time depending on your storage needs. You can rent a portion of space like 100sqft, 300Sqft or 500Sqft or more and have access to that portion of the storage space to store all types of household goods, furniture and other home appliances.

Private storage area can also be offered by storage and warehousing service providers where you and only you will store your goods and no one else can access your goods. Such storage facilities may not be available in all cities, but mostly it's available in metro cities. Reason being, storage facility is not required in smaller town and it's widely used in mega cities.

Compare and hire storage service providers across India in one click

One of the biggest concerns while storing your goods in a storage facility in India would be the safety of your goods followed by rent or costs of storage service. Obviously you would like to find one of the most secured storage units to store your goods and the lowest rates possible. Isn't it?.

We'll help you do so. We can quickly connect you with the best and most affordable storage and warehousing service providers in your city in one click. All that you have to do is submit your storage and warehousing needs and specify the city and tentative period for which you want to rent out household storage space. Once submitted, you will be contacted by relevant storage service providers in your city. Three different storage service providers will call you to understand your storage requirements and based on their understanding they will be able to give you tentative costs for storage services.

What's to be done before finalizing a storage facility in India

Since your household goods are supposed to be stored for longer period of time, it's a must for you to ensure that you are dealing with the right service provider. We from our end do everything possible to ensure that only the best service provider join the network. But it's not possible for us to guarantee anything on behalf of a third party. So irrespective of from where you have got recommendations you should make sure to verify every claim of a service provider yourself.

Here's a quick checklist for you:

  • Make sure to meet a storage service provider face to face for discussing your requirements.
  • Ask all sorts of questions and ensure that there is no doubt what so ever in your mind.
  • Do a surprise visit to the warehouse and take a good look at the storage units.
  • Rent out a storage facility only after comparing a few options.
  • Do some background check like since how long the company exists, about the key managements persons and their background.
  • Ask clearly about insurance and accessibility of your goods.
  • Know clearly what's covered in insurance and what's not.
  • Irrespective of the source of recommendations, do proper verification of the company before dealing with them.
  • In sort, it's your goods, verify everything and be satisfied by yourself before you deal with a storage service provider.

Storage service is usually a long term contract, be ready to go to any length, but ensure that you are dealing with a truly reliable and established storage and warehousing service provider. It's worth to spend some time in researching before finalizing.